We pride ourselves on developing a close, trusted relationship with our clients. The following testimonials speak to our client-focused audit approach:

Catherine Ramey, Finance Director, City of Huron

The City of Huron has contracted with Charles E. Harris & Associates for financial auditing services and GAAP consulting services since 2004. They have continuously shown their dedication to enhancing the auditing process by working with me and my staff to ensure timely filings and addressing audit issues as necessary throughout the audit. They are available to answer any questions that arise outside of the auditing process as well. Their staff is focused on communication with clients and is clear about the information they require. They are also well prepared and considerate of the time schedules of myself and my employees. In addition, I have been impressed by their knowledge and professionalism.

I recommend the services of Charles E. Harris & Associates and I look forward to the City’s relationship with them.

David R. Michel, Treasurer, Eastwood Local Schools

I have worked with Charles E. Harris & Associates for over 10 years. They are remarkable in how they approach their audit in being customer friendly. They are thorough, knowledgeable and work with your schedule to complete the task in a timely manner. Their cost is very reasonable and I have never had better auditors to work with.

I have also had a CAFR for the last three years with the help of Charles E. Harris & Associates and plan to continue to use them in the future. To say it bluntly: “They are the best.”

Catherine Fix, CPA, Auditor, City of Wadsworth

Charles E. Harris & Associates has done our audit for the last two years. We have been very pleased with the quality of service they provide and their professionalism. I would recommend them based on our experience. Their staff is always considerate in the timing of their on-site work, scheduling in a way that works well for my staff, while still meeting all deadlines. Their staff keeps us informed if an issue arises, and they also make an effort to make sure we understand the issue. They are easy to work with and communicate well.

We have a fairly large and complex operation (with electric and many other utility funds) and they have done a good job of understanding those complexities.

We look forward to a continued relationship with Charles E. Harris & Associates.

Dana Pinkert, Finance Director, City of Ashtabula

It is my pleasure to recommend the audit services of Charles E. Harris & Associates. They have been performing the City of Ashtabula’s annual independent audit since 2015. They are very thorough, professional, and well prepared in their audit work.

They came on-site with a team of people and completed the work with as little disruption to our staff and their usual workload as possible. They have been very easy to work with and are very clear when they request information. We know what they are asking for and in what format they want it.

Finally, their total costs are competitive and the audits are completed in a timely fashion.